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IMGP0280My name is Lisa Frei and I was born in Ismaning, a village in Bavaria, Germany, near Munich. I came to England in 1962 to be an au pair girl in order to learn the English language. I had studied English for some years, but when I arrived I couldn’t understand a word. But I soon learned, took a couple of exams and then got married. In 1993 I became a widow and in 2002 I moved to a small village in Nottinghamshire, nearer to my son, into a cosy little semi-detached house. My daughter lives abroad, but comes to see us quite frequently.

I absolutely adore writing and also reading somebody else’s writing, and I love studying languages (currently French and Arabic) and learning about other cultures and how people live. I think that we all have a story to tell and that anybody who wants to should write. People should be encouraged to write: if you can think, you can write. And nobody should say that what you want to write about is not important, everything we do is important, even our everyday lives and thoughts.


May we learn to live, to love, to tolerate and understand,

And then may God be pleased that he created Man.

Lisa Frei


15 thoughts on “About Lisa Frei

  1. Hallo Lisa, I don’t know , if you remember me, but my parents are Anni and Adolf Prinz from Ismaning. I remember you. I was 14 years old when you left for England. My Mom and your brother Toni and wife Gini, were best friends. I would so love to talk to you. My brother Werner sent me your books, one in german and one in english for my children.
    I hope you are well
    Ilona Patterson Prinz

    • Hallo Ilona, Yes I do remember you and your parents and grandparents. That really does date me, doesn’t it? I am so pleased about your comment on WordPress. First of all I give you my e-mail address. lisafrei@gmail.com
      I met Werner at my book launch in Ismaning and I asked him about you, because I remember you very well. How are you? Do you have children? I have a son and a daughter. My son Michael lives near me in Nottingham and my daughter lives in Switzerland. I have forgotten where you live. I think Werner said that you live in Canada, but I am not sure any more. I am very pleased that you have my book. I have started another one. If you are interested I tell you about it in my next e-mail. Lots of love and all the best Lisa.

        • Hello Ilona, It is lovely to hear from you. I am so glad that you are all right. I can say the same from me. I am very busy as I have started another book. Well, some of that later. Looking forward to your e-mail. If you communicate with Werner give him my love. Love to you, Lisa.

  2. Wendy September 8, 2015 at 10:19 am
    What a wonderful book! thank you for sharing it with us. I have just bought a second copy from Ebay for my friend.
    Well done Lisa, really proud of you.

    • Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for your kind words. I am still translating. I am now on chapter 38.
      How about coffee sometime. Anytime! I am not going anywhere. Just sitting here translating. See you soon, love Lisa.x

  3. Dear Lisa,

    I received a copy of your book yesterday and have had a brief look at it, reading at random from the pages and already looking forward to digesting your memories from cover to cover.

    Your family must be so proud of you, it is most important that people read and can get an insight into this period of German history so much better, penned by someone who lived through it, expressing and recalling real memories and the grief experienced by your family.

    Well done Lisa and thank you for letting me know that your book has been completed, so proud of you.


    • Thank you John for your kind words. I find that very often men tell me how important this book is and that hopefully many people will read it as they should. Needless to say, while writing it I never expected such positive response. I am just so pleased and so grateful, as I never expected that it would be received in such a positive way. But that’s the English for you, always open minded, that’s why I love this country so much and never wanted to go back. This is my home. It would be nice once the weather gets better you and Pam could come and see me. Love Lisa.

    • Hello John, please forgive me not answering sooner. It is really quite bad of me. You have no idea all the things have happened to me because of this book. After I had written it I thought “I am so glad it is finished”. In my ignorance I thought all the hard work was over, I don’t have anything to do with it any more. And would you believe it, I started another book. This time I wanted to write for pleasure and not for the sake of history. As I had sent some books to my family, the council museum got hold of a copy, got in touch with me and asked me to translate it into the German Language. Of course I was flattered, not knowing what I was letting myself in for. They ordered 100 copies at once.Now I am translating every day. I never even looked at my blog until wordPress reminded me today. Please forgive me. Love to you and Pam. Lisa x

  4. Dear Mama
    I am enjoying every moment of your beautiful book! Mr Mittermeier is such a lovely man, forgetting to deduct the money for Shorsh’s boots! I was really saddened when Sister Festa and nuns said goodbye to the children, and in tears when the wall with the little door was gone, along with the magic. Your writing is so moving. It feels like in am there and these things are happening to me. What a huge talent you have.
    With love from us all, Maria xxx

    • Maria, you kind Lady. I am so pleased that you tell me about the things you have read, which I had almost forgotten. You are right it was sad, but then they were sad times. Be prepared, worse things are to come. Love mama xxxx

  5. Lisa, well done!!. I know how much hard work you have put into this book and I am so pleased that it has now been published. My wife and I are both looking forward to reading it and seeing this relatively unreported period in history brought to life.
    Very best wishes, Tony and Yvonne Payne

    • Thank you Tony and Yvonne, I so appreciate your support. It was so nice to see you at my book launch. It was such a success. I only have a few books left and they are spoken for by people who are on holiday. Lisa

  6. Dear Lisa,

    I have gone through your blog and I just can’t wait to read your book! you did an amazing job here 🙂

    Wish you a great success!

    Julie from Switzerland

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