Photos from the book launch party

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Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support and interest. We think that over the course of the day, you were about 80 to 100 people to come by the house for the book launch party!! However the photos do not reflect this as we were so busy that we forgot to get the camera out most of the time! We are so grateful for all your enthusiasm, kind words, gifts and flowers and help  – baking cakes, washing dishes and serving drinks. Thank you also for the kind messages we received from those who could not make it on the day. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and that you will enjoy reading the book and continue to spread the word and stay in touch with your comments as we continue to update this blog.

Thank you all for making it such a special occasion!

Lisa and Angela


5 thoughts on “Photos from the book launch party

  1. Dear Mama
    The photos are wonderful, I’m so glad the launch was such a resounding success. I so wish I had been able to make it.
    Thank you for sending me your book, we are all squabbling over who gets to read it first! I have already bought a second copy! Lol
    Love to you all Xxx

      • Dear Mama
        Your book is amazing! It is absolutely fascinating. I am enjoying it so much. I love that I am learning so much about your family (it feels like my family too!). I am so impressed with your writing, it feels like I am actually there in Ismaning with your father and your brothers. You are a very clever lady.
        Anyway. I much get back to reading xxx

    • Hello Maria, I am so pleased about your comment. I hoped that it would be a good book. So far I had such good reports. Thank you so much for your comment. Love Mama.

    • Hello Maria, I am so glad that you like the photos. Once you read about “Stalin’s Organ”, there is a great photo of it on the blog. Love

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