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My name is Lisa Frei and I have just written my first book. It’s about my childhood growing up during WW2 in Ismaning, a small village near Munich, in Bavaria, Germany. Well, it was a small village when I was born. Now it is huge. Every time I go there I get lost more often than not. It also tells the stories of my 2 brothers, Shorsh and Toni, fighting on the Russian front and in Northern Finland. A few years ago, when I was a real internet novice, while researching some details for my book, I happened upon a forum where a Mr Weber (Yes, I still remember his name) was asking for information about the German soldiers in Finland, known as the Mountaineers Company. I could have easily answered his question, if only I had known how to join the forum to reply! So here I am a few years later with my own blog. I hope you enjoy looking through it and browsing through the photo galleries (I have only just started, so please be patient, I promise there is more to come) and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that all the information in my book and on this blog are historically accurate. And Mr Weber if you are still out there – their name was Gebirgsjägerregiment 139, 13 Kompanie (Mountaineer Regiment 139, 13th Company).   To leave me a comment click on comments just below. You’ll need to enter your email address, purely to ensure that your comment is not spam. Your address will never be shown on this blog and you will never receive any messages or spam from WordPress.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog

  1. Dear Lisa, just read some pages from your book in German. My daughter has your book and asked me to read it. My Father was also a Gebirgsjaeger in Norway, had friends in Narvik and Trondheim. My Mother was Norwegian. As a child we bicycled around Unterfoehring and surrounding area and Poschinger Weiher. Did your Brothers ever go there? I just wondered if your brothers could have known my Fathers. He was with the Muenchner Polizei.

    • Dear Helga, I am sorry that I can’t answer your question. I am sure that both my brothers went occasionally to the Poschinger Weiher, but whether they would have known your Father I couldn’t say. But of course it is possible. But I am in England since 1962 I know very little what my brothers exactly did, I couldn’t say. But I find it so interesting to hear about your father. Never have I heard of another Mountaineer. I think it is quite wonderful that you tell me about your father. Those young men had to stand such a lot. I think it could be possible that they knew each other. I thank you so much for your comment. All the very best Lisa.

      • Dear Lisa, was very happy to hear from you. I did not think you could answer my question. then all this people are all gone now. My Father came to Norway after they lost the war. He was Grenzpolizei in Trysil. Norway very close to Sweden, he patrolled that area. Later learned Morse in Trondheim and stayed in touch with his friends in Narvik. Met my Mother in Trysil I was born Februar 1943 and they married Nov.1944 in Oslo and we left right after that to Muenchen. My Father was by then on the Russian Front. Still have his Soldbuch. My Mother died March 1972 and Father August 2001. I married an American Soldier and live since 1962 in Mentor, Ohio. My middle daughter lives here in Fischerhaeuser by Ismaning and heard about your book and bought it in German. I’m here right now for a few weeks. We lived in Denning, but we were a lot in Unterfoehring. Down at the Poscheringer Weiher were men who were with my Father in the war, that was in the 50is and they had scars to show get tears. I will read your book finished and do get tears. Your family sounds charming. Your brothers live sounds so hard, reminds of the book Herbstmilch. Bis dann. Viele Grease von Helga.

  2. I am so sorry we can’t make it. I am at work and cannot get any time off, and the children are at school the next day so I cannot keep them up late. I will be there in spirit though, and I look forward to hearing all about it afterwards xxx

    • Hello Maria and Steve and the whole family, It’s absolutely great, thank you very much. It would be so nice if you could come to the Book Launch Party Love Mama.

  3. Hello Mama, this is so exciting. I cannot wait to read your book.
    (I thought I had already left you a message but perhaps it did not
    it make it through). I am really pleased to read your blog, and feel that we are in touch across the miles. Love from Steve, Maisie and Ryan too xxx

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