Die Strasse Der Gebirgsjager – GERMAN EDITION OUT NOW

The German translation of Lisa Frei’s highly recommended, painstakingly researched collection of personal stories, tragic accounts and every day family lives, set against the backdrop of the most turbulent times in European history is now available.


Die Strasse Der Gebirgsjager – GERMAN EDITION

Lisa Frei wurde 1935 in dem kleinen Bauerndorf Ismaning bei München geboren, wo sie zusammen mit ihrer Familie den 2. Weltkrieg erlebte. Anhand ihrer gewissenhaften Recherchen, Interviews mit Familienmitgliedern und Bekannten sowie ihrer Erinnerungen schildert sie persönlich Erlebtes, tragische Begebenheiten und Geschichten aus dem Alltag der eigenen Familie und der Dorfbewohner. Ihre beiden Brüder Toni und Schorsch wurden als junge Männer von der deutschen Wehrmacht eingezogen: Der eine kämpfte in Russland, während der andere mit den Gebirgsjägern am Polarkreis in Kriegshandlungen verwickelt wurde. Ihre faszinierenden Aufzeichnungen geben einen Einblick in die 1930er und 40er Jahre – eine Zeit, die wohl zu den turbulentesten in der Geschichte Europas zählt.







Road of the Mountaineer – ENGLISH VERSION

Lisa Frei and her family lived in the small village of Ismaning just outside Munich before and during the second world war.

Through her painstaking research, family interviews and personal recollections, she narrates the events that took her brothers, Toni and Shorsh, to war. Conscripted to the German army; one went to Russia, while the other went to the Arctic with the Mountaineers Company.

This fascinating account mingles personal stories, tragic accounts and every day family lives, against the backdrop of the most turbulent times in European history.









5.0 out of 5 starsfive-stars
A View from the Other Side
By Joseph Ferguson on 18th June. 2016
A rare and excellent look at WW II and Nazi Germany from the inside through a poor family’s eyes as they are forced to follow the absurd decrees of Hitler, while sons and brothers are conscripted into the Nazi war machine. Even after the war ends they continue to be starved and brutalized by occupying forces. A must for historians and WW II buffs.

4.0 out of 5 starsfour-stars
Saint Michael
By saint michael on 8 Mar. 2016
A very thoughtful and ultimately enjoyable book by Ms Frei, in which she relates the effects of the war on both her immediate family and friends in the small rural village of Ismaning, Bavaria. Her two brothers fought for the Wehrmacht in two different theatres of war, but both are not convinced of the cause they are fighting for. She portrays in some style the close knit nature of her family though both dark and lighter times, and you can only say she has produced a fitting tribute to her kin. An enlightening read!

five-stars5.0 out of 5 stars
Very recommendable book
By Thomas D.on 18 April 2015
It is a very interesting and historical authentic book.
The story is very captyvating. It is difficult to put it down.

four-stars4.0 out of 5 stars
Enjoyable Homefront personal history. 21 Dec. 2015
By Kindle Customer
As a Gebirgsjäger historian and collector, I was taken by the title of the book and was looking forward to a read about the mountain troops. The book turned out to be more of a Homefront history which was just as enjoyable. Having lived in the area of Germany during the 1980’s where most of the book takes place, it was interesting to find out more of it’s history during the war. Personal accounts make history alive. Well done and worth the read. Drei mal Horrido!



Deutsch Ausgabe – German edition

Es freut mich sehr, dass so viele Leute in Deutschland an meinem Blog interessiert sind!

Anfang des Jahres, hat sich das Schloss Museum in Ismaning mit mir in Verbindung gesetzt und fragte nach einer Kopie von meinem Buch, obwohl es im Moment auf englisch ist. Deshalb besuchte ich im April für einige Tage meine Familie und Freunde in Ismaning und gab eine Kopie von meinem Buch dem Museum. Ich wurde gefragt ob in der nahen Zukunft eine deutsche Übersetzung erscheinen würde  –  Was konnte ich sagen? Nun, dieses ist mein neues Projekt!

Daher übersetze ich im Moment mein Buch in die deutsche Sprache. Das Schloss Museum hat schon 100 Kopien bestellt um sie in ihrem Geschäft zu verkaufen.

Im nächsten Jahresbeginn sollte es dann auch an Amazon erhältlich sein.

Ich danke Ihnen sehr für Ihre freundlichen Worte und Unterstützung.



I am so pleased to see that there is so much interest in my blog from people in Germany!
At the beginning of this year, the Schloss Museum in Ismaning got in touch with me to ask me for a copy of my book (even though it’s only in English at the moment). So, in April I went to Ismaning for a few days to visit my friends and family and give a copy of my book to the museum. They asked me if there would soon be a German translation – What could I say? So this is my new project!

I am currently translating my book into German! The Schloss Museum has already pre-ordered the first 100 copies to sell in their gift shop, and by the end of the year it should be available auf Deutsch on Amazon!

Thank you all so much for your kind words and support.


Now Available from Amazon

3dBookCoverI’m very pleased to report that my book is now being published by local Derbyshire publisher Lioness Publishing I now have my very own Amazon Author’s Page. And my book is now available in paperback from several Amazon international stores. You can find The Road of the Mountaineers in the following online bookstores: EUROPE


My publisher is also working on making it available as an ebook which will be available soon.

5 stars
 Very recommendable book, 18 April 2015
By Thomas D
It is a very interesting and historical authentic book.
The story is very captyvating. It is difficult to put it down.

Photos from the book launch party

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Thank you all so much for your overwhelming support and interest. We think that over the course of the day, you were about 80 to 100 people to come by the house for the book launch party!! However the photos do not reflect this as we were so busy that we forgot to get the camera out most of the time! We are so grateful for all your enthusiasm, kind words, gifts and flowers and help  – baking cakes, washing dishes and serving drinks. Thank you also for the kind messages we received from those who could not make it on the day. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did and that you will enjoy reading the book and continue to spread the word and stay in touch with your comments as we continue to update this blog.

Thank you all for making it such a special occasion!

Lisa and Angela

Welcome to my blog

My name is Lisa Frei and I have just written my first book. It’s about my childhood growing up during WW2 in Ismaning, a small village near Munich, in Bavaria, Germany. Well, it was a small village when I was born. Now it is huge. Every time I go there I get lost more often than not. It also tells the stories of my 2 brothers, Shorsh and Toni, fighting on the Russian front and in Northern Finland. A few years ago, when I was a real internet novice, while researching some details for my book, I happened upon a forum where a Mr Weber (Yes, I still remember his name) was asking for information about the German soldiers in Finland, known as the Mountaineers Company. I could have easily answered his question, if only I had known how to join the forum to reply! So here I am a few years later with my own blog. I hope you enjoy looking through it and browsing through the photo galleries (I have only just started, so please be patient, I promise there is more to come) and I have gone to great lengths to ensure that all the information in my book and on this blog are historically accurate. And Mr Weber if you are still out there – their name was Gebirgsjägerregiment 139, 13 Kompanie (Mountaineer Regiment 139, 13th Company).   To leave me a comment click on comments just below. You’ll need to enter your email address, purely to ensure that your comment is not spam. Your address will never be shown on this blog and you will never receive any messages or spam from WordPress.